New Generation Camp needs the help of local and overseas teams in work and outreach projects to help us fulfill our mission to the youth of Jamaica.

Come with a Missions Team

We are able to connect overseas teams to a suitable project on our site with the option to add an outreach project within the neighboring community. Working with our local team, connecting with our community and experiencing Jamaica lead to a greater understanding of God and a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction.

Come with a Local Team

Local teams can come for a day, weekend or even a week. Working with friends or colleagues on a project on our campsite is a great way to improve team work and contribute to New Generation fulfilling its mission to impact the next generation for Christ. We encourage past campers, counselors and friends to consider giving back in this way.

Serve at our Summer Camps

Every year 35-45 teenagers and young adults serve during our summer camp season. They work as counselors, admin assistants, kitchen staff and other support staff. Join us for adventure, growth, self-sacrifice and fun all rolled into one summer. 

"For the first time, I felt called to teach about God. I've always been learning from my peers, my mentors, but it was like it was my turn and God believed I was ready. I felt this especially in the tents with the boys. They got to share and ask questions they wouldn't normally ask in more public settings, so God left it to me to help them." Male Camp Counselor