A Couple on a Mission!
August 08 2019 0 comment

A Couple on a Mission!

Our dear friends, Beth and Brandon DeHamer (from Colorado, USA), have been coming to New Generation Camp for many years now. They’ve even brought their baby girls to expose them to camp life!


This past week they left their girls in the care of grandparents and, together, Beth and Brandon came to support our Ultimate Series Camp (14 - 17 year olds).  Beth led a jewellery Hobby Shop ... 

... While Brandon led a baking one! They also decided to bring a suitcase with cool items to make it really fun for the participants. 




Over the past several years, this caring couple has transitioned from our junior counselling team to our senior staff, providing technical support and encouraging younger staff in New Gen's culture and values. Their servant attitude and calm, Godly wisdom is appreciated by campers and staff alike. 

Thanks Brandon and Beth for yet another year of service!

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