A Little Help From Our Friends ...

We're so happy to say that a few our friends from Florida came to visit us in March! Fredi, Amy, Frank, Jessica and Toni, came as part of a missions team from 'Airport Church' to support children from the 'Operation Restoration Christian School' (ORCS) and to improve our campsite. Despite only staying here a week, they were able to make a real impact - both at New Gen and in Trench Town! See for yourself what this experience was like in the eyes of Frank and Fredi.
"From our store front church in Tallahassee, our team of five, led by Fredi (a native Jamaican), traveled to New Generation's campground in Jamaica. This tropical paradise welcomed each of us once again to enter into the presence of God. We were excited and eagerly embraced the routines of repairing, painting and spending time with Judith, Ricky and all of the camp personnel. 
A cross was constructed and prayerfully mounted in the small clearing near the top of the property, inaugurating an outdoor chapel. This was our favorite moment, worshiping in the beautiful creation of outdoor Jamaica with the Lord. It was profoundly moving for all of us.
Above: One of the team members erecting our new cross!
The kitchen became the main focus of our efforts as we mounted the new knife rack and sink, and refurbished the preparation tables. Midweek, we traveled to Trench Town, visiting the Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS) and interacting with students and teachers. We shared supplies, words of encouragement and prayer with all at the school. On Friday, the school came to camp and participated in scripture teaching and challenging activities.
Above: A team member helping an ORCS student on our obstacle course at New Gen.
The presence of the Lord was with us all week and brought us safely back home. We were blessed to support New Generation once more and to lay the foundation for future partnership with ORCS as well."
Thanks for your passion and drive to do the Lord's work in Jamaica! Here's to many trips in the years to come!
"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."
- Galatians 6:9

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