Couples Events
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Couples Events

Couples Events 
Written by Sharon Knight

Valentine’s Day this year fell on a public holiday in Jamaica, thus making it the perfect day for couples to carve out some time for themselves.  Pages in the Gardens, a restaurant smack in the city’s only botanical gardens, provided the setting for the event.


After a romantic dinner, the couples engaged in various fun couples competitions, complete with prizes and surprises. The main event of the evening however was the couples team building. All the couples were presented with challenges that they had to work together as a couple to overcome. They had to communicate effectively, give good feedback, be patient with each other, lean on each other and figure out the best way to lead each other.


The discussion time at the end of each activity helped couples to learn from each other, and better understand what they need to do to make their relationship successful. It helped greatly that the couples spanned different age groups and differing length of marriages so that the experiences were wide and varied.


The couples had the time of their lives, deeming it an evening well spent.


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