Having a Blast at Stop-By-Days!
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Having a Blast at Stop-By-Days!

 Having a Blast at Stop-By-Days!


In December we hosted another one of our Stop-By-Days: Christmas edition! Stop-By-Days is a time when we invite friends of New Gen – past and current campers, counselors, parents and donors – to ‘stop-by’ and enjoy the campsite. During this couple of days, we got a chance to catch up, encourage each other, and have fun!

The days were PACKED with excitement. Judith, our managing director, saw the campsite through the eyes of a family visiting for the very first time. She witnessed how a nervous father eventually loved seeing his daughters challenge themselves on our adventure course. She also saw a mother and daughter reluctantly take a plunge into the cold, Cranbrook river, only to then enjoy it so much that they stayed in as long as they could.

"The stop-by days were a blast for the kids. They loved the activities and being around other kids their age. For me, it was a welcomed break to have them in a safe contained space outdoors where it was ok for them to play and have fun."

-        Kibibi Thomas, mother of 2

We also enjoyed some quieter moments. We got creative on an art project and enjoyed tasty s'mores while singing silly songs together. Even the drive down to the campsite allowed one of our team members, Monique, to get closer to 2 of our campers. These moments of downtime helped us to have deeper conversations and really get to know one another.

“I […] remember the reflection time we had as a big group. I think it was helpful to just stop for a few minutes and think about different “storms” God has taken and/or is taking us through and have that comforting reminder that though He doesn’t always calm the storms, He promises to be there with us through them.”

-        Monique, Guest Service Manager

Stop-By-Days was an AMAZING time full of fun, friendship and faith! We cherished every moment we had as a New Gen family and hope to see you at the next one!


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