Nel's visit with Arianne in Sweden
November 01 2018 0 comment

Nel's visit with Arianne in Sweden

My visit with Arianne in Sweden

Written by Nel Blanken

On my travels in Europe this Summer, I fulfilled one of my long-time dreams of visiting with Arianne in Sweden.  Arianne, who is Jamaican, was around when we were still bushing the campsite in the mid- nineties. She enthusiastically was part of all those early developments, as camper, as leader and as intercessor, both in the Christian Student movement and in New Generation Camps.  She felt called to minister to Muslims. Then she met her husband, a Swede, at YWAM and moved to Sweden in 2001. Arianne wondered what would become of her calling. In the meantime they had 2 children and Arianne learnt the language, and even now works as a dedicated teacher.  

I am so fascinated about her journey of integration and how she makes her mark, as a Jamaican (no qualms about her style of worship and very clear about her faith in a secular society). Her calling? There are Muslims and many others around who she is prepared to share the Joy with, that she has.  Arianne has not forgotten her roots and continues to support New Generation on a regular base. It was such a delight to see her and her family, her school and church environment! Thanks Arianne for the example you are to so many! Big up and love to you and your family!

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