Our 3 Year Journey to Easier Drinking Water


Getting water with buckets.

It's a success! Our efforts to access potable drinking water from our campsite are finally at an end! Confused? Don’t we already have access to such a basic thing? Well sort of…


We have always served potable water to campers and guests. But, doing so hasn't come without its challenges. Due to our location, we partially rely on nature around us to sustain our campsite. For instance, the water in our pipes flows from a nearby river head. However, as it concerned drinking water, we've had to drive a distance to manually fill water in buckets from an outlet by a spring in the surrounding area.

Members of our team discussing our water project.

While we were thankful for this natural source of potable water, we also longed for a time when we could easily access this in our efforts to provide for our staff, guests and campers. So, we began brainstorming ideas we could use to turn this 'pipe' dream into reality.


Once we settled on an idea, our next step was to figure of how on Earth we would fund something like this. As we sent out sponsorship requests in vain, we nearly began to lose hope. Contrary to our feelings, we prayerfully went ahead with what funds we had in hand – asking God to meet our needs along the way. Doing so required a lot of patience as we continuously waited for God to provide somehow, each step of the way.


Teen Challenge's men digging the foundation of the sump - under the oversight of Lemon, our local mason.


And God came through!

So many people ended up helping once they heard our need. Several friends of New Gen gave money, allowing us to raise $1.6 million Jamaican dollars! This support propelled us to venture into even more unknowns – we now had to trust God to tackle our actual project! Thankfully, God’s provision didn’t end with the donors. A group from Bethel Bible Church (Texas, USA) along with Fredi (a friend of ours from Florida) came down and gave us a BIG hand with the construction work! We even got some help from Teen Challenge Jamaica for half a day.

Talk about answered prayers!

We were very new to this process, yet we persevered – praying for wisdom and learning from our mistakes throughout. Firstly, we built a "sump" to catch water near the spring's outlet. After about a year, this was ready, and we were ready start installing a pump. To do this, we worked throughout another year, building the pump house, purchasing the pump, and laying pipes from the sump all the way to the campsite.


!Our completed sump


Which brings us to this year – 2019. Over the past several months, we’ve laid more pipes from the tanks on our property to our camp’s kitchen. And this October, we FINALLY, saw the fruits of our labour!!! For the first time, we were able to witness drinking water run into the campsite from the sump!



Installing the water tanks.



And ta-da! Here's water coming out of a pipe as a result of our project! 


This project began as being somewhat of a daunting task. There were times during these last 3 years, when we felt exhausted and maybe even a bit frustrated that we couldn’t always see how we’d reach the next step – let alone the finish line. But the Lord used our friends to keep us going. Everyone’s unique talents and resources perfectly aligned to meet our exact needs. There was NO way we could’ve seen it through on our own.

New Gen's team joined by the overseas missions team.

Easy access to potable drinking water seems like such a simple concept, and one which many of us may sometimes take for granted in our own lives. But, in reality, it can be quite difficult to gain. Our 3-year journey has, not only given us this access, but also strengthened our faith in God and opened our eyes to what a caring community we have around us. Now that we have better access, we’re excited to see what a huge blessing it will be to our campsite going forward.

- Date of Publication: November 2019

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