Packing suitcases
June 13 2016 0 comment

Packing suitcases

Yes, my life has changed.  Since May 1, no longer the day-to-day responsibilities of running New Generation!  For the first in many years, I am going to taste Summer in Holland and the UK. I already feel really sentimental about it. Flat land, cycling roads, cows galore, flowers in everybody's garden, the smells and the colours, and then to meet friends and family I haven't seen for so long.........


My new role in New Generation is that of an 'Ambassador', which I am slowly beginning to explore.  My desire is to connect many who have had some experience with New Gen in the past, to today's NewGen.  Sure, I'll tell you more about it! 

Right now I am seeking 20 persons who would sponsor  a camper (part or wholly) for Summer camp in July.  Só many lives are changed at camp; many amongst us would testify to that, looking at our own life or at that of our children.  For that reason I dare to put this challenge to you.  Will you respond??  Cost varies from US$105 - U$150/ €90 - 130 per camper.  Click here for a quick and reliable transfer and let us know when you did (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can already allocate your funds.    

I've just taken out my suitcase and will start my overseas journey later this month.  I'll keep you informed, trust me.  Have yourselves a meaningful Summer experience.  May Jesus be the Centre of it all!

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