Rachel and her amazing cottage signs
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Rachel and her amazing cottage signs

Rachel and her amazing cottage signs

Rachel Fearing-Stewart is a God-anointed artist who lived in Jamaica for many years. She is part of the story of New Generation and so is her daughter as well as her grandson who have both been to camp for all of their child & early teen years.  Rachel also served as a camp counselor wa-aa-ay back.


We are happy to have her visit with us from Florida and were wonderfully surprised by the amazing sign she has created for our 2nd guest cottage - Gilead. This adds to the sign she made in 2012 for our 1st guest cottage - Horeb.





Why those names for our cottages you wonder?


At New Generation we are big about the God of Israel and wanted to honor Him and our Hebrew roots by reminding ourselves of the meaningful events that are related to mountains in the Bible.


At mount 'Horeb' God gave Moses His laws, which are so essential for living.  Many blessings follow those who honor God and live in His ways. It is our desire that those that make use of Cottage Horeb, might embrace God, His Salvation and His Way of living.


Mount Gilead is often known because of the negro spiritual that asks: 'Is there no balm in Gilead?"  In Jeremiah 46:11a it says "climb into the mountains of Gilead and get healing balm". Our prayer is that many that make use of Cottage Gilead would experience God's healing balm and return home healed, restored and invigorated.


Thanks much Rachel for sharing your special gift to sow into generations of campers and retreat guests!  We love you!



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