"Thank You New Generation!"
August 09 2019 0 comment

"Thank You New Generation!"

Before camp this year, we received a testimony from someone whose family has been blessed by our ministry!


Above: Matthew and Katrina as counselors!


“My niece and nephew [Matthew and Katrina] will be serving as counselors at one of your Summer camps this year. They are excited to be giving back.  They appreciate what Auntie Marjorie had done for them.  It helped to boost their self-esteem with Christ.  Thanks for New Generation!”


Above: Katrina with her girls at camp!


Over time, we’ve watched these young people of God, blossom into the kind, confident leaders they are today.


Above: Marjorie with her campers ... And there's young Matthew in the light yellow shirt!


We are so encouraged and moved by this testimony.  Marjorie, Judith's mom, was a firm believer of helping children to get to camp.  She went around raising funds to make sure this happened. She would also take time to sit and get to know different children at camp.  She loved them deeply, and it was clear that they loved her too! 


Above: Matthew hanging with his group of guys 

Thank God for Marjorie's legacy - and for the children, now young adults that call her blessed!  One generation to another.... declaring God's mighty acts!



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