The Potable Water Project
May 18 2016 0 comment

The Potable Water Project

We're happy to share with you that the first phase of the potable water project is complete! First we had the help of the Teen Challenge men who dug the foundation. The Team from Bethel Bible Church in Tyler, Texas (as well as Fredi, our dear Jamaican friend in Florida) provided funds to build the tank and they joined in the construction during their March mission trip. Our local mason Lemon worked hard to oversee the project and bring it to completion.
The next phase requires purchasing and laying galvanized pipes and fittings at a cost of J$850,000/US$7085/€6300. These pipes will take the spring water from the sump tank up to the campsite. The third phase involves building tanks at our campsite to store water that will be gravity-fed to all areas of our site. 
Please help us find solutions and connections as the Lord leads, to possible donors.
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