Traveling with Nel - Being Welcomed.
July 07 2016 0 comment

Traveling with Nel - Being Welcomed.


To feel welcome, to be made to feel welcome, is a wonderful thing.  I do not take it for granted, and actually am pretty sensitive to this privilege.  It sure makes a world of difference in one's travels!

The Bible says that ' it is more blessed to give than to receive', and that makes me think.

Many years ago when someone who in my view 'didn't have it' wanted to give me a gift for something I'd done feely and voluntarily I initially refused to accept it.  An older brother who observed what was happening rebuked me gently, scolding me for stealing the blessing of the giver.  This rebuke has always stayed with me. 

Generally I prefer to be on the giving end - after all, it gives you a choice and  sense of control, but now, once again, I depend on the generosity of others, and it moves my heart with gratitude and keeps me very humble.

Lord, please bless each person that provides 'welcome' for me, with your abundance!

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