We use equipment such webbing, mats, balls and blindfolds to create challenges which offer insight into the inter-personal relationships, emotional intelligence as well as the leadership skills or lack thereof in each group. Through discussions we help group members to examine and adjust their behaviour and align it with the team’s objective.  This program is offered IN PERSON and ONLINE.

We have also added a VIRTUAL COMPETITION component, which we use in the same way as all our other equipment – to offer a team building experience.  It is called THE HUNT, and makes use of techniques such as morse code and google maps for a stand-alone competitive challenge, or part of a larger package with our other offerings.  

We offer training onsite, or offsite at a suitable location (preferably outdoors).  We are also available to lead activities at your retreats, conferences and training days.  Group size should be at least 8 persons.


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*(A suitable location must be provided by the client. Rates for offsite sessions will have to take into consideration a possible need for accommodation and meals).

New Generation has trained:

  • The Academic Staff of Prep, Primary and High Schools (eg Queens Prep, St. Francis Primary, Wolmer’s Boys’ School, Merlene Ottey High School)
  • The Ancillary Staff of schools (eg Hillel Academy)
  • Couples Groups (eg Covenant Community Church Couples group and Grace Missionary Church Couples group)
  • Board Members and Leaders of various organizations (eg Swim Jamaica and National Youth Service) 


The program is similar to the corporate groups though the rates are different.

Please call 876-886-3143 for bookings or to find out our current rates