Corporate and Non-Profit

We use equipment such as webbing, mats, balls and blindfolds to create challenges which offer insight into the inter-personal relationships, emotional intelligence as well as the leadership skills or lack thereof in each group. Through discussions we help group members to examine and adjust their behaviour and align it with the team’s objective.

We offer training on our campsite, or offsite at a suitable location (preferably outdoors).  We are also available to lead activities at your retreats, conferences and training days.  Group size should be at least 8 persons.


Target: Groups that simply want to strengthen their team, reconnect and be energized. It
works well as part of a fun day, as a fun day itself, part of end-of-year festivities or just a time of general staff engagement. We can do up to 3 hours of team bonding.
Group Size: We currently run this for groups between 30 and 100 persons.
Requirements: The client must provide us with a microphone and must choose a venue that has adequate space (and shade if outside). We have run these sessions by the beach, at a park, in a conference room etc.
Program Offerings: Unique getting to know yous, creative energizers, team challenges and fun competitive activities.
Cost: This depends on the size of the group and the length of the session. Complete form below for more details.


Target: Groups that want to further build/strengthen their team through leadership training, and
groups that have inter-personal issues they want to address.
Group Size: We can currently train between 8 and 60 persons on a given day. Sessions can be
half day (2-3 hours), full day (4-5 hours), or an activity within the client’s seminar/conference/retreat. Other combinations are possible, but sessions shorter than an hour are not usually done outside of Kingston.
Requirements: The client may train at our campsite in St. Ann, where meals can also be
provided. Should the client choose to train offsite, they are responsible for arranging the venue, food etc.
Program Offerings: Small group challenges and discussions using movable elements (such as ropes, balls, blindfolds, and webbing), or using the fixed elements on our Challenge Course in St. Ann
Cost: This depends on the size of the group and the length of the session. Complete form below for more details.

Our satisfied clients include:

  • Couples Resorts
  • Digicel
  • NCB
  • BNS
  • Grace Kennedy
  • Merlene Ottey High – Staff
  • Guardian Life
  • Jamaica Family Planning Board
  • Jamaica National Bank
  • Huawei Technologies Jamaica
  • Sagicor
  • Flow Jamaica
  • Pepsi Jamaica
  • Hillel – Staff
  • Carib Cement Company
  • Stewart Motors
  • JPS
  • Ministry of Labour
  • AISK – Staff
  • First Caribbean Bank
  • Courts Jamaica

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