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Donation Goal – US$16,000 / €14,700 / JM$2,500,000
Project Details –
Our campsite’s multi-purpose court is right in the hub of our campsite. It’s where campers play basketball, team building groups engage in challenges, and our littlest campers have fun with hop scotch. This is also where all our campers’ adventures begin and end as it doubles as our bus zone and parking lot.

Our is to raise sufficient funds to resurface this court before our Summer 2024 season. Currently the court is extremely uneven with several potholes. We hope you can help us make it a safer place for guests to engage over sporting and other group activities.

UDPATE – A few persons have already given! 

December 30, 2023 – Gifts received at the end of 2023 from NewGen friends around the world have been assigned to this project. This means we have 28% of our donation goal, so with a gift from you, whether big or small, we are sure to complete this project.

In 2019 we started to make monthly payments towards purchasing our campsite at a cost of J$6.5million / US$52,000 / €44,830. We rejoice at the prospect of owning our campsite by the end of 2026.

If you’re ready to join us in this monumental accomplishment, then send us an email today. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated. 

February 2022 – balance J$3,354,200
June 2022 – balance J$3,104,200
September 2023 – balance J$2,470,000
February 2024 – Balance J$2,070,000


*Due to fluctuating exchange rates these updates are given in Jamaican dollars only.

New Generation’s current account at:

  • NCB HWT Branch #301040407 (kindly send a copy of the deposit slip to
  • NCB HWT Branch #301040393 (gift to property purchase or building project).
  • You can give online through Friends of the Great Commission (FGC) by clicking here
  • If you would prefer to contact FGC directly, you can do so at 1-855-573-8483 or to setup automatic payments or recurring credit card payments.
  • Prefer to pay with a cheque? Ask us how –
In either case please send us an email to inform us of your gift.
NL89 INGB 0794 122 868
Tnv P. Blanken

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Kindly send us a note when you’ve sent a donation, just to ensure that we are fully aware.