High School and
College Groups

Every year hundreds of young people are required to make the transition from Fifth Form to Sixth Form, from Sixth Form to University and from University to the work world. Many are thrust into leadership positions and required to lead or be a part of a functional team. New Generation seeks to help High Schools and Universities to make this transition easier and also help them to identify student leaders and hone their innate abilities.

The main advantage of our program is that it is experiential, as the students are not simply told what to do, but they are presented with one challenge after another which reveals their character, their strengths and their weaknesses, and provides opportunity for immediate correction, guidance and/or affirmation. The emphasis is also on working in small groups so that each student’s needs can be addressed.  It is a fun and interactive style of learning.

We use equipment such webbing, mats, balls and blindfolds to create challenges which offer insight into the inter-personal relationships, emotional intelligence as well as the leadership skills or lack thereof in each group. Through discussions we help group members to examine and adjust their behaviour and align it with the team’s objective.

Our satisfied clients include:

  • UTECH Student Leaders
  • St. Andrew High for Girls – Lower and Upper Sixth Form
  • Immaculate High School – Lower Sixth Form
  • Wolmer’s Boys’ School – Lower Six and Prefect Body
  • Hillel Academy – Lower Six
  • Campion College – Lower Six

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